Surprise Global Events for The Division throughout March

The Division put out a tweet early this morning that a Surprise Global Event is coming this weekend with more details to come on Thursday. Lets rally all the GRG Division Agents and get that loot @PCGamers @PlayStationPlayers @DivisionPlayers

oh man. another game to get back into. i got to many right now.


Still grinding for my classified pieces. So i’ll definitely be running this event. Hit me if anyone sees me on.
Gt: Quantumklutz87


I know the feeling but luckily this one has my focus for the moment

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After The State of The Game today here is some information. Global Events will be running on the weekends throughout the whole month of March; starting today at the top of hour; 11:00 AM CST.

First sets of Classified Gear are for DeadEYE, LoneStar and Final Measure. Masks will be available as well. This is the Outbreak GE with Assault, Strike and Ambush to follow.

Once they publish their video from today I will look at adding that as well.

I will be on chasing masks and achievement. Screw running lexington over and over. Feel free to drop into my squad this weekend.

And here is more information for you all and the stream from earlier.

The next Global Event - Assault is now live. One of the most sought after masks, the Clown is up for grabs. Not to mention Striker, Sentrys Call and Reclaimer Classifieds are there for the grind to complete your sets. GRG Agents hit the streets of NYC and get that loot.

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I want that Pig Mask!!!

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I was able to get that one… the only rough part is the incursion but with a good team you should be able to get it rather fast.

The clown mask on the other hand…

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Chasing those striker gloves for my 6 pc set.

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I’ve been rather lucky with Striker and keep getting stuff to drop that I have some good flexibility and back up pieces… I need that Pred stuff tho as that seems to be my nemesis in the DZ.

I seen a build for anti pred striker and bleed resist and exotic damage resilience

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ill need to check that out… from what I’ve seen those don’t battle the 6 piece bleed (Pred Mark) but hell that would be perfect if it does… thanks


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@quantumklutz - are you going to running tonight? I’ve got some Madden to play with @TEXENT, but afterwards I would love to run some missions, DZ or an incursion if we have a full group on the XB1 side.

@DivisionPlayers on XB1 - who is interested?

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Ill be on tonight around 630 to 7 pm est. After work. If you want to run some shortbus


Alright GRG Agents, the 3rd Global Event this month is Strike and is live now and going throughout the weekend. Two of the most sought after Classified Gear Sets are there for the grind; both Predator and Nomad. Banshee can be a good PVP build and D3 - FNC (AKA Defense) is a great PVE option but can be a good PVP headache when grouped up in the DZ.

As with the previous 2 GE’s there are more masks to strive for and add to your collection. Lets hit the streets of NY and get that loot!

The last Global Event for the month, Ambush is now live. As with all the Global Events there are Classified Gear Sets and Masks to grind and get.

Alpha Bridge will likely be the one to shoot for but the others offer a lot of fun and versatility. Whether you want to create you a Nuke like sticky bomb with the Tactician build and turn agents into charcoal, one shot folks with the Hunters Faith or light the world on fire with the Fire Crest, all these builds have upside. The masks are pretty cool too.

I will be on throughout the weekend each day so feel free to shoot me an invite on the PS4 side.

I remember the good old 1-shot Sticky Days, back when the DZ was a nightmare. I might have to shoot for that Tactician Classified

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