Sunday Night Driving Forza Horizons 3 5/7

Join GRG for a night of Sunday Driving in Horizon 3! We’ll run a few different types of races.

We’re looking to set up some classes / style races. Pick a few style of races and car types ahead of time so people can bring their rides.

Cars for this week:

Pick 2 cars! @ForzaPlayers

2 each?

No, 2 cars or styles we want to race.

Extreme Offroad - S1
Retro Supercars - S1

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Done deal.

That sounds good to me.

Get your cars ready for tomorrow night, whores! @ForzaPlayers


Whores alive! Two car types we haven’t seen in a while. Hope @GrumpyInUt can make it!!!

Going to try. Need to get back in the swing of it as Hot Wheels comes out next week.


Got my 2 cars set up.

Extreme Offroad S1

2012 Bowler EXR S

Retro Supercars S1

1988 Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV Horizon Edition
Have to go Countach for retro supercars. It wasn’t even a question.

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The white Lambo ist tribute to Phil Collins when he was on Miami Vice. I remember how sick that car looked in white. He hate white wheels, I decided to black them out. I may paint them white.

I wish they had the 1972 Ferrari Daytona. The original Miami VIce Car. I know it was a Corvette kit car, still looks nice. I wasn’t into the Testarossi, always thought that was a bit fugly.

Looks like a good group tonight.

Good Racing!

@shortbus @Sniper_T1 @PumpkinRubber @beers_and_leafs @D1G1TALC1PHERS @EnyoBellona @GrumpyInUt @necrofraggle


Good times tonight, sorry I was muted all night sharing the office with the wife.

We had another one on, but he doesn’t like playing with us. He’d rather play with himself.


I literally bought the game last night for the specific reason of playing with gentleman, But it was not fully installed till like 1115 last night. With that said


See you next week.

Ill be there as I had a fuck ton of fun on there last night.