Sunday Driving with GRG - Forza Horizons 4 10/21




GRG will be hosting an evening of Sunday Night Driving. Come join us as we race the streets (and dirt roads) of Great Britain! We’ll be forming up a convoy around 9PM EST on Sunday October the 21st. We’re also looking for some good ideas on race classes and courses.

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Hopefully I can be leveled up more by then.


Get to 20 so we can run some open races. Otherwise you’ll have to host the room.


Bump! Who’s going to be on tonight? @forzaplayers



I’m 50/50. Sorry guys. Momma made plans I’m still trying to get out of!


I will be on.


I will be on, but after TWD. Gotta watch it live with the boy.


We canceled this for the evening due to lack of interest. With all the shiny pennies and especially RDR2 and Fallout coming I think I’m going to run this as a bi-weekly or monthly type of thing.