Sunday Driving with GRG - Forza Horizons 4 10/14




GRG will be hosting an evening of Sunday Night Driving. Come join us as we race the streets (and dirt roads) of Great Britain! We’ll be forming up a convoy around 9PM EST on Sunday October the 14th. We’re also looking for some good ideas on race classes and courses.

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Let us know if you’re planning to get in a few races.


I’m in for sure



I highly encourage everyone that has FH4 to join in. It’s an incredibly casual night of racing and goofing off.


Ya I just downloaded it yesterday and ground it out to get multiplayer unlocked and some cars that I can have fun in so it’ll be fun to just race and fuck about now


Forza Horizons will let you “rent” (really borrow) the room leaders car. So you’ll still be able to race even if you don’t have anything.


Oh ok well that’ll work then if I dont have something comparable by then


I should be there as long as kids get their move done

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Bump as a reminder to all @forzaplayers


I should be on. Depends on when it gets started.


It’s in my calendar. I’ll be there.


I’ll be on.


Bump! @forzaplayers


I will be there.


Good turn out and great races.

Thanks to @Zane, @D1G1TALC1PHERS, @SoulessGrimm, @mnvikesfan, @Gunny and Enabled Irish.


So much fun! Thank you gang! Happy controller’s abound! Lol


Ya it was a lot of fun and pretty funny


That was a blast! Great playing with everyone.


Good stuff guys. Once we get everyone to 20 we can start doing Team Adventures to break up the racing. I am not 100% but pretty sure Team Adventures are races and playground games like capture the flag and infected.