Suh Dude


Hey everyone. I’m looking for some friends that like to have fun & win. Im kinda competitive & I consider myself a positive, open minded individual who love to play with others. I always use my mic.

Im an achievement hunter & would love to add others that have the same mindset. Add me & hit me up on Xbox live if u wanna be added.

I play:

  • COD Black Ops I, II & III (SP)

  • COD IW; MWR (Season Pass)

  • COD AW (SP)

  • COD WW2 (SP)

  • Tekken 7

  • Sniper Elite 4

  • Battlefield 4, Hardline & BF1

  • GTA V

  • Destiny (All DLCs)

  • Skyrim Elder Scrolls V

  • Borderlands 1, 2 & Pre-Sequel

  • MKX

  • Naruto Shippuden UNS4

  • Attack On Titan

  • Overwatch

  • Rocket League

  • Defiance 2050

  • BO4

I have other games too & open to recommendations. If you like anime, thats a plus!

My GT: Zetsu


Welcome, Destiny raid night. 9 eastern. Sign up and join up.


Welcome to the asylum.

We got regular events all week with open invites or simply join on any grg member. Clicking on a users avatar will show their gamertag.



I’d say CoD and Destiny are played most out of that list, though Anthem has got a whole bunch currently interested.

We’ll get you an invite for the Xbox club, otherwise just add gamertags as you see them.


Welcome to the community


Welcome man glad to have another anime fan in the club btw i like the gt zetsu was a pretty damn mischivous character so i think youll fit in nicely here

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Welcome to GRG!


Anyone play hardcore tdm on any COD? That’s really mostly what I play