Suggestion: Chat Box

So my suggestion would be adding a chat box on the forum site, Maybe this could be a way new members to ask questions quickly and on the spot without feeling like there being a burdensome by posting a new thread in return could help with retaining new members. Also it could improve interaction between members who have something to say but its not important enough to make a new thread (EX) " Hey I’m on Xbox playing BF1 anyone wanna join in party"

Just a food for thought. Thanks!

Thank you as we are always looking for ways to help improve things for our members. We do have a Discord chat channel built just for that:


I had no idea what Discord was, I do see this now and am currently using it, Thanks for the informative and quick reply.


We should probably rename that menu title to just Chat.

As far as asking questions, go right ahead. We’re an open group and don’t mind it. Write up a post (gold star for this) or shoot a staff member a PM.

This is a perfect reason to post in the forums. Especially if you know you’re playing ahead of time. Just a simple “LFG Destiny 2 Tonight” post works. Really, this is encouraged. Usually a staff member kicks off an LFG post but most of staff are slackers and forget.

I think its a good idea I had no idea about discord till this site really. And didn’t even know to ask it was several months later till someone told me about it.

Grex changed it.

Thanks @ Grex

Looks like Destiny clan rewards should help with people playing together getting the rewards. Got a couple nice things after playing Crucible with Galt, Duval and Dirty D

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