Strikes help

If anyone is interested in helping a relatively new destiny player knock out some strikes it would be appreciated. Every time I load one up I get matched up with kids.

I am open most of the day today so let me know.

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Just confirming for our potato fest of users this is for Xbox?

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GT: BrambledWhiskey

I will be on in about 10-15 minutes and run some with you Bram. I think you are on my friends list, if not, my GT Sniper T1.

Oh don’t apologize for these maniacs not knowing to look at your avatar.

I want to thank @Sniper_T1 and @MR_DELIVERANCE for all the help with upping my light lvl. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.


Forgot how much fun Destiny can be. Good times.

I played some crucible for a while last night after grabbing a bite. Probably played 10 or so games and couldn’t get anything I really needed to drop until my last game. I got a slightly better cloak and a 300 shotgun. So I made it to LL 320.

Wednesday you get the Gunsmith rewards so that should bump you up some too.