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Guess recruitment posts work.

I’m gaming out of San Jose, CA–44 with a full-time (plus some) job so I’m mostly on after 8 or 9pm weekdays PST, and usually for as big a chunk of weekend as I can find.

I primarily play PS4, but also play on Mac (I know) and 3DS (yes, really, I know) games as well as iOS async games. There’s a Vita collecting dust somewhere in my stuff too. I’m geoelectric on PSN, XBL, Steam, and Game Center.

Right now I’m excited about sinking time into Overwatch on PS4. I also play Rocket League occasionally, and drop into Battlefront and BO3 now and again.

I have most of the major games out for the platform, though (except Evolve–I have standards, man) and am generally up for anything. I’m looking really forward to playing tactically with a mic again, since stuff like Battleborn and RB6 haven’t been much fun with randoms.

Other than gaming, I can talk comics, horror, SF/F, motorcycles, gadgets, or headphones all day.

Looking forward to gaming with you all!


Welcome to the community! I just picked up Overwatvh today hoping to get together with others tonight at 9pm Est. PSN: DaKlown4Life

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I’m also on PS4 and Vita… I’ve been playing Person 4 on Vita at work during the slow summer hours, also the power ttends to go out during thunderstorms…

Expect to get a lot of Battleborn invites from me.

PSN: Audible Silence

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Great, re: invites! I will warn you that I suck at BB right now because I got started then switched gears to Overwatch.

One of the reason I’m looking forward to the community is having the incentive and opportunity to stick with games long enough to get good. Way back when, I was involved with semi-organized wargaming on Battlefield 2 via bf2combat and had a blast training and leading fireteams. I’d love to get that feeling back.

Welcome to the community.

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Welcome to GRG where we all suck but think we are good because most of the times we are too drunk to care


Definitely my kind of community!

Welcome to the community!
PSN: AlphaMack

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Welcome to GRG! Good luck…You will need it with these guys!

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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome Amusekus on PS4

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Welcome to GRG!

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Welcome homie! GT and PSN : DuvalFunk

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Welcome bud.

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