Steam Title on forum / profile pic?


I added my steam id to my profile, and have logged in and out on both pages.

Where is the section to select titles?

I am wondering if there is one that will display “PC” or “Steam” below your avatar on a forum post or message.


You do not have to put the whole URL just the handle for your steam name. A badge will be granted and can be used as a title.

However it’s not instant. There is a script that runs every so often that does that. So it might be awhile before the badge is granted.

It will show up in your notification feed.



Where can I find my displayable titles at.

And, is that the profile on the main page or the forums page?

A little update: My main account wasn’t verified yet I guess. I had gotten kicked for unsubbing to the newsletter and came back a few months ago.

I hit the request verification button, maybe that’s why I couldn’t see titles.


Forums profile, click on preferences, choose from drop-down list in Title field.


Thanks, this is all sorted out.