State of the Union

State of GRG-

Currently we have had multiple issues arise within the GRG community
that need to be addressed. Over the past few days/weeks/months, it seems that
people have moved away from what GRG is and what we stand for as a community.
Multiple issues with-in chat, game lobbies, and in general have been pulling
the group away from the community’s main objective- To game with like-minded
individuals, have a good time, and create new friends to game with.

GRG is a “Free” community that is provided to all gamers
over the age of 25 to serve as a meeting place/hangout to give those who want
to get away from the pubescent gamers we all run into on today’s popular games
and consoles. We all hear how the young kids act during online play, and most
of us seek out areas to get away from such banter. That is what makes GRG so
great! It’s a casual space for adults to get away from the Drama.

Current Drama at GRG have caused some concern for not only
for staff, but also some of the clan mates with-in the site.

Current issues

1) Separation of community PS4 VS XBOX VS everyone else
a. We seem to have a disconnect regarding what the site truly is- A gaming community. Not an Xbox, Ps4, or PC clan.

b. Chat room issues
a. Keeping chat channels to a minimum keeps the community together and not separated, which is what GRG is truly about. Separation of topics is for the forums, which should be used more than chat.

2) Racism
a. Racism, religion, and politics are off limits.Most people only know someone by name, have no idea of other gamers backgrounds, or offended by what is stated. There is no need to act like the kids we are trying to get away from. If anything occurs, please contact any of the staff. We are here to help.

3) Communication
a. Communication is key among Staff, Mods, and Admin. If you see or hear of any issue, it needs to be address ASAP. We have had too many issues blow up in our faces that could have been address and handled
like adults.


The whole staff as well as all the members at GRG play a vital role to the overall health and growth. We ask for all members to do their part in helping this community strive to be better than others and make this a place that all members feel they are part of something bigger.


Well said

If anyone has any issues, no matter what console they play on, please don’t hesitate to contact me via forum or slack PM, or on Twitter. I check all outlets frequently, so I can and will respond ASAP.

Getting ahead of an issue will keep it from becoming a huge problem. Like Vikes said, we are here to help.


As said, please contact any of us if there is an issue. We just want everyone to enjoy themselves and play games.


Well said Vikes. GRG has been a great place for me to meet like minded gamers and I have had and am still having great times gaming with my fellow members. while most of the new people might only see me on the forums cause of my work schedule. a lot of the old guard know me. i’m a big supporter and promotor of GRG through my channel and any one who asks. so lets all move forward and let the state of our union be strong


Very well put. I am glad to be a part of this group.


I blame Lala, he’s always trying convert me, and come see his “new” garden.

Nice write up Vikes.

No matter what people think, we are trying to improve and grow this community. Overall, I think we’re doing a great job. We have run so many successful events with a ton more hits than misses. Our goal is simple, it’s to create a place where like minded gamers can group up and kick some ass in games. It’s really just that simple.

We are also always open to suggestions. Please reach out to any GRG staff and give us your input.

We also could really use the communities help. Simple things go a long way towards helping GRG.

  • Adding new members to your friend’s lists
  • Inviting new people to parties to make them feel welcomed
  • Running a game night. This can be done once a week, once a month, whenever. Let us know and we’ll create a calendar event and pimp it in the news letter / podcast.

Bottom line is, GRG is a place for Adult Gamers. Let’s cut the bullshit, grab a beer and shoot people in the face.


I have one idea. What about a map if the US with our GRG Forum logos with link to our profile on where we live. That way if anyone is doing any traveling they can see who they know in GRG in that area. just a thought.

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We used to have something like this way back in the 2old2shoot days.

WAY easier to stalk members back then.

It’s easier to track us on grindr.


Thanks for the update! I have not been on the forms that much because they don’t play as well with my iPhone as slack does. I want to make an effort to post on the forms more and be involved with the larger community. Does anyone have any “Pro-tips” (as @Karas) would say for using the forms on a phone? I work in IT so I feel like an idiot with this, but I feel like there should be a more convenient way to browse the forms on a phone.

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For me I shortcut it to the home screen out of Safari and the mobile version plays nice.



Not sure what the issue is. I have an Android phone and a work iPhone. Neither have problems. Log onto and that’s it. What’s the issue? I usually hit the drop down box for latest. What version IOS are you using? (I’m on a Samsung Note 4 which is my preferred phone and an iPhone 6+)

Also, forums update in real time. Even on mobile. Essentially it’s no different than chat.

No issues on note 4, and I’m Almost exclusively mobile

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Part of it is iOS stays in incognito mode… For … Reasons… I was kinda hoping there was a Discourse app. But no huge things. Signing in is kind of clunky.

Do you have it set that way? It should hold your logon.
This probably should be a separate thread as its a bit off topic. We will look into it.

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When it comes to any gaming community, there will always be a bit of separation that’s determined by what system/console the majority of members play on.

New game comes out. Majority has Console A. Smaller percentage has Console B or C. Those that have console B or C are going to experience separation from the larger portion of the community with that particular game. And since those pools of players for B & C are smaller, when you include work schedules, time zones and all of that as well…there’s even more separation.

Example: Almost every time I’ve logged in to The Division on PC, there’s been no one online that I’ve added from the site here. Maybe its work/schedule related or time zone difference. I dunno. On the Xbox it’s a different story. But I was fortunate enough to get 2 copies of the game. Not everyone has that luxury.

So it becomes difficult to interact with the community in a game when your particular console/system of choice may be hindering you from really connecting with others. I mean let’s face it. Chatting here in the forum is cool. But you really don’t get to know anyone until you hear them over your headset and chat with them while you game together.

I may be wrong. It’s just a few thoughts I wanted to add to the conversation.


If you are always in incognito mode it’s definitely going to cause you issues. Not only keeping you login info set but also not cookies will be set so any session info will not be remembered.

Moving out of this mode will definitely improve your experience.

What browser are you using btw?

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Safari, on iPhone 6+s. I will PM you.