Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mega Thread



I’m going to load the trial this afternoon. Probably play it Saturday or Sunday to see what it’s like. I saw an article on how they revised the loot crates, so I’ll have to read up on that as well to see if that pisses me off any less.


I’ll probably get this. I want to do the story mode and a couple guys from work are getting it as well


Already pre-ordered.


Here’s the credit cost for loot crates through playing, along with how much crystal packages run and how many crystals it takes for the crates:

All of these can be unlocked through playing, as credits are earned after each match. It seems like 200 credits is a fairly standard haul for a single match (not counting cumulative challenges which also contribute credits). A single Hero crate is 2,200 credits; a Starfighter crate is 2,400; and a Trooper crate is 4,000. (Images in the gallery below via GameSpot.)

For those who don’t want to grind through multiplayer matches to earn crates, we’ve just learned the final pricing for Battlefront II’s microtransactions. Those use crystals, which are an entirely different currency than credits. Ignoring the 10 percent discount for EA Access members, here’s how much they cost: 500 crystals is $5; 1,000 crystals is $10; 2,100 crystals is $20; 4,400 crystals is $40; and 12,000 crystals is $100.

While the credit-based cost of crates can seem steep, the crystal-based cost is more reasonable. Hero crates run 110 crystals, Starfighter crates are 120 crystals, and Trooper crates are 200 crystals. Certainly, the crystal price was designed to seem more alluring. At that rate, you can get 60 of the high-tier Trooper crates at the $100 price point.


I want it but damn I am backlogged already.

Thinking of getting it for PS4.


You hurt my heart.


If you can name the date of the last time you and me played together, I’ll change my mind. Maybe.


Words hurt.



If you don’t want to be tempted to get this game…do not play the EA Access trial. Holy wow it is a lot of fun.




You really do get points for anything in this game that help you unlock stuff. Points for PTFO, damaging people, hell even get points when you die.

Battlefront 2?


Digital and I are hoping to run some Battlefront Monday nights for those of you picking up this game. I probably will be on it tonight since I have about 5 hours left on my trial before early access release tomorrow.


I am hoping for some spoiler talk on the SP campaign once some of us get through it. I still have missions to go but got through a chunk tonight.



Just completed the SP campaign.


Pulled the trigger and got the game, DLing now.


Reports are they are completely turning off micro transactions