Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mega Thread



I enjoyed the gameplay.

I think another redditor summed it up quite well by saying (paraphrased from memory):
The gameplay is very enjoyable but as soon as you start to understand the meta it completely put me off.


That’s truly disappointing.


I enjoyed playing the beta but left feeling that I satisfied all need to continue playing the game. It looks great, sounds great, seemed fun to play for an hour. I’m not sure that I’d dig it much more though.


The best part of that Angry Joe video.


If this is P2W on top of a 60 dollar charge, I’m out.


Buying 100% damage reduction cards with cash… Shame.


Saving this for the lies thread.


I’m serious. I just lost all interest unless something changes at launch. If this is how they’re going, I’m out.

I will say this…I probably lost a bet somewhere because I would have been positive that Activision would have pulled this shit first (pretty sure I’ve stated as much somewhere).


You were serious about the Switch too you bastard.


In my defense, I did say I’d consider the switch if the library improved.


oh didn’t even see the video. Not enuf interest for me and thats without the pay to win. If at some point the community of gamers does not say NO to pay to win we will be playing one game a year and sinking e everything into that game and good luck getting anything new, or anyone who does not do it. Feels like Cable TV all over again. And so agree expected it to be Activision


This loot box system needs to be regulated. Someone somewhere in power needs to say enough is enough and realize how wrong it is. I hate that kids are growing up gaming this way and thinking it’s the norm. Something needs to change, and soon.


I’m seeing a lot of gaming sites, podcasts and vidcasts tearing into Battlefront, Forza and games like that. I think Battlefront’s p2w loot crates is the straw that broke the camels back. It’ll be interesting to see how well the game does.

I played the beta and got swept up with the Star Wars hype. I considered pre-ordering. I changed my mind when I saw the loot crate system.


I’ve seen several articles tearing into Battlefront 2’s crate system. I’ve seen a few mentions of Forza, but all of those are accompanied with how they backed off of the VIP changes.


It’s still on the maybe pile for me.
They could make changes.

I used to enjoy it as more of an arcadey game (the original SWBF2), so I’ll wait to see what the other SP modes/elements are like.
Might just sack the PvP element if the rest of it is good.


Im protesting, not getting it. Gamers wallets matter !!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



It’s Star Wars I will buy it. I don’t have a problem with loot boxes in any game. No one is holding a gun to my head to buy them. F2P, P2W I don’t really care. I want the SP portion of the game mostly anyway.


It just puts me off the MP elements, at least in how they have been used so far.
If they started somehow locking off elements of the SP campaign through them I might can it.

Waiting to see more regarding the SP campaign / modes.
Will probably wait for post-launch reviews still.


Ok, a week away from launch on this game. Who in GRG is getting this? All of those X owners are imagining Star Wars in 4k goodness.

Also EA access players, the 10 hour trial is up.