Star Trek Discovery - SPOILERS




I will be at Comicon on Saturday and will tell them all about GRG’s love for Discovery.


love for turds

space turds


Apparently the Klingons have “grown their hair back out” for season 2.

And season 2 trailer.



And then there’s still the unanswered question about the whereabouts of the prime timeline’s Lorca.

“He’s out there,” Isaacs teased. “I’m just saying.”

I’d love to see him return as I really like him as an actor. I wasn’t crazy about the Mirror Universe twist though.




I find that comment to be offensive.



Probably the traditionalist in me but was hoping they would transition to the colored uniforms when Pike came aboard but he switched to the Discovery uniform.


can we get a dislike icon to click next to the like icon?


I watched the first episode of Season 2 and hated it. It reminds me of the last two shitty Trek movies. Just mindless action in an attempt to keep viewers entertained. Just mindless, glossy action… The complete opposite of any series before it.


Lots of people going crazy on that show.

Spore Drive makes him see things…
Spock and Michael with visions…
Tilly sees dead people…


Man Kirk got screwed with technology considering what Discovery has.


At least he got better writing.


Well at least they tried to explain why the Enterprise doesn’t have holograms and stuff…


Complete shit show episode this week. Full of nonsensical space magic, silly Section 31 subplots and over the top weekly major catastrophe. It’s painful to watch.


Maybe don’t watch? At least tell me you are watching it by a different means than paying for all access.


Yeah, I’m done with this show. It’s a shame as I loved the previous Star Trek series but this is so radically different. They are following the J.J. Abrams style of Star Trek for this series and it’s just painful.

No, I don’t pay for this.