Star Trek Discovery - SPOILERS



This is the #1 thing that annoys me with the prequel part. I get it, we are different now than when they made the original series but the tech they have is worlds different. This will sound petty but even the uniforms…how do you go from this to the originals? Also no fucking red shirts dying all the time!


Series went in the shitter in the end. Unlike the rest of the tryhard neckbeard trekkies here, I liked the first half of the season. It went downhill fast once they hit the Mirror Universe.

Sure the Klingons suck, especially their voices and slow speech. I was guessing we’d see them physically change to something like the TOS version of Klingons. Or they’d follow through with this story line.

I hope we haven’t seen the last of Captain Lorca. I like Jason Isaacs as an actor and feel he has the presence to actually be a Captain. But I guess they’re building it up for Michael Burnham to become Discovery’s captain.

After last night’s finale I’m not sure where this series plans to go. It seems they are abandoning the spore drive and are in Capt. Pike’s time line. Next season will almost be a new series since we won’t have Ash or Lorca (2 of the main characters this season) and we may actually see some of the other characters fleshed out a bit.


Yeah watched the finale last night and have no clue what the fuck they are doing. Sure seems like they cleaned up the Klingon mess rather easily with that bomb sitting on Kronos. They were on their way to pick up their new captain so no clue on that and no idea what they do now that they ended with them parked right next to the Enterprise.


I feel like that entire episode was just to justify reinstating Michael. Kind of a let down, but I liked the season overall.


Deleted scene.



Star Trek: Discovery, the CBS All Access show that finished its first season back in February, is now undergoing its second showrunner change with the departure of executive producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this change was not due to creative problems, but with “leadership and operational issues” between the showrunners and the staff.

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman (who has been with the series since the beginning and also served as as a writer and producer on J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness films) will be taking over as showrunner for Season 2. Kurtzman will also oversee the writers’ room for the rest of the sophomore season.

“We’ve made some producer changes at Star Trek: Discovery. The series continues under the creative vision and leadership of executive producer and co-creator Alex Kurtzman. Discovery remains on course for season two in 2019 with new and continuing stories that build on its successful premiere season,” CBS Television Studios said in a statement on Thursday.

Sources tell THR that Berg and Harberts went over budget for the Season 2 premiere and were reportedly “increasingly abusive to the Discovery writing staff, with Harberts reported to have leaned across the writers room table while shouting an expletive at a member of the show’s staff.”

Harberts was also said to have threatened the staff to keep quiet about the issues plaguing the production.

In addition to the showrunners’ departure, THR reports that executive producer Akiva Goldsman will not be returning to the show either. Goldsman directed the Season 1 finale, but allegedly also had “a management style and personality that clashed with the writing staff.”

Fortunately for fans of the series, the show is reported to be taking a “planned production hiatus” following the completion of episode 5, which will allow Kurtzman to transition into the new role, supposedly without any further delays to production. According to THR, the first five episodes of Season 2 are almost complete, with Berg and Harberts likely to retain credit for their work.

The previous showrunner, Bryan Fuller, had disagreements with CBS over many aspects of the show and was asked to step down in October 2016, before the show premiered.


I liked this show up until the Mirror / Evil Universe story line. Another issue was the way they handled Jason Isaacs’s Captain Lorca was frustratingly lame. I was looking forward to more Klingon fights but that seems to have died down now. Finally, what was the point of the “Spore” drive other than a vehicle to get them to the evil universe. We spent the majority of the show on that silly thing only now to have it decommissioned. I went from really digging the series to dismissal at the end.


In my opinion they didnt yell at the writers enough.

Now they have the producer from the movies? The star trek movie with the Beastie boys music?

Worst star trek ever.


Lala loved it.



They’ll make Spock transgender.

Anything to fuck up the series even more than it already is.

they ruined star trek

i hate them


This doesn’t make it sound like the changes to the Klingons for season two is getting them back to the way we know.


Sure, why not. Let’s reboot the reboot.



Discovery’s version of the Picard Maneuver is called “Polishing The Turd”


Counselor Troi even thinks it is a joke to charge for Discovery.

I have never watched it…I am going to explain why I don’t watch Discovery , before they all hate me. We were on the best Star Trek show. If CBS thinks I am going to pay to watch Star Trek, they are demented. I will wait until I go to England and watch it on Netflix, which I pay for anyway.


The issue is that everyone wants a paid streaming service. The problem is they don’t have the content to warrant this. What new content does CBS streaming offer other than Star Trek? Star Trek alone won’t carry a monthly subscription. This is kind of like how everyone tried to create an online music streaming company but how only a few survived.


the show is a turd

a space turd


Watching an episode of DS9 in season 5 where they try out the new holo emitters. It’s a cool thing where you can talk to people and it appears they are in the room with you. You know the same shit Discovery apparently has hundreds of years before them.