Star Trek Discovery - SPOILERS



So can we all agree that the fan theory is correct and that Lorca has always been from the Mirror Universe?

I’m assuming he’s a “good guy” from that universe and his goal was to bring the Discovery back to over throw the Emperor. He just seemed to understand this universe very well.

Either that or his Mirror Universe version is actually the Emperor and hides his identity. Which is why no one knows what the Emperor looks like.


I saw quite a few theories that Lorca was the emporer.


Best Tilley line. I will cut out your tongue and use it to lick my boots.


One major theory after the last episode is that Tyler has to be Voq, the Klingon who intended to follow in T’Kuvma’s footsteps before he was betrayed.


I think they pretty much confirmed it when the Dr noticed all the abnormalities in his organs and bone structure.


Well I don’t know why I didn’t see who the emperor would be because I should have. It’s been amazing how insignificant the medical area of the ship is not important at all in Discovery as it has been on all other Trek shows.


And the surprise twist that surprised no one happened last episode.

Lorca is from the other dimension. Shocker…


Ok, this last episode was just silly. So many things there were just ridiculous.

  • Emporer Georgiou has random laser cannons mounted all around the ship
  • Insta shields
  • Lack of any sort of tactics when enemies fought. Directly standing across from each other like it was the revolutionary war.
  • Philippa Georgiou and Michael Burnham kung-fu fighting 10+ armed guards.
  • Lorca actually being a bad guy.
  • Lorca goes through all that trouble only to lamely get killed in such a predictable manner.

What gets me is Lorca just being evil and turning into some two bit bad guy. I was thinking he was from the evil universe but was rebelling to change things. Where he was actually a good guy. I just thought it was a lame way for him to end.

I’ve liked and defended this show up to now. This episode and change of story that it brings really just sucked. Hopefully they can sort it out.


Taken from /r/startrek

Bold prediction:

There will now be a running gag about Mirror Georgiou trying to eat Saru like how Alf was always trying to eat the cat.


Agreed. I also lold.


Was that the last episode of the season?


I realized I don’t have a favorite character in Discovery. The past Star Trek shows I always had a few favorites.

I gave it another try and still don’t care for it.


I don’t have any as well. I liked Lorca because Jason Isaacs is a great actor. The last episode just ruined the character for me (other than he’s dead).

The whole Mirror Evil Universe is just silly. They’re all so cartoony bad. The writers could of made that universe a lot more believable. I’m really not sure what to expect from this show now. I’m very disappointed.

Evil Lorca reminded me of this:


Lorca was my favorite also, and there’s just a lot of inconsistencies with the mirror universe. Although it did introduce bangable Tilly.


No shit. She needs to stay in the Evil Universe.


I was thinking about the Tilly character.

She’s a cadet - who the fuck gives a cadet that much responsibility?


But she isn’t a cadet in that universe.

Which also made me wonder if she’s so legendary, how did we avoid them running into actual her? That annoyed me honestly.


the whole series is annoying.


So a show that they need to sell their stupid all access service is only 15 episodes this season?

And they had a captain from an alternate universe replaced by a captain from the alternate universe.


Taken from a review of the final episode of the season.

All of which is to say, we can at least have a discussion about how this show goes about its business without one of us stomping out of the room. But if you have a credible defense of why in the hell this is all happening before the start of the original series, I’m all ears. The more time goes by, the more nonsensical the decision becomes. The technology is too advanced; there have been too many plot developments that will need to be undone to make this all fit into continuity; and, maybe worst of all, literally nothing has been gained from any of this. I thought at first that the point was to bring us back to a time when the Klingons were still a threat, but Discovery has done such a thorough hatchet job on the species that I’d really rather they hadn’t. Apart from a few nominal signifiers, the writers seem to have as much interest in exploring Klingon psychology as they do in presenting us with a Federation near the start of its existence; to whit, none at all.

Seriously, if you’re going to do a prequel you need to at least pretend like you’re trying to earn it, and Discovery hasn’t bothered. Watching “The War Without, The War Within,” I made an effort to forget when the hell this is all supposed to be taking place and just enjoy the nonsense on its own terms, and I had a fair amount of fun doing it.