Star Trek Discovery - SPOILERS



You do realize they are not on a standard Federation star ship. This is a highly classified ship that is completely experimental. It’s part of that Section 31 nonsense from Star Trek cannon. What other star ship has armed guards throughout?


I don’t care what kind of experiment it is. Admiral fucks captain…captain sends her on what he knew was a mission of failure…not Star Fleet.


Sounds like my kind of show.


Agreed. There is protocol no matter the ship. This is still a Federation vessel, no matter the circumstance. These are officers, not casual space travelers.

Great episode though.


Fall finale tonight. I enjoy the show and while they won’t share the numbers I wonder how many people that actually pay for All Access drop it right afterwards.


Do they even have anything else lined up for that service to retain it? If not then you’ll see the Trekkies bail.

Funny observation.

I was reading Star Trek’s post on Facebook about the finale and made the dumb decision to click on comments. Holy fucking hell. People need to get a grip. The fanboys of Discovery vs the haters, it’s worse that the Hatfields and McCoys. They’re threatening each other as if they’re going to come to blows.

WTF people, it’s just a show.


Its a shit series.

Wont watch it anymore.


So going to fight you like the Facebook Warriors.

I actually really like the series. I do agree that the Klingons are retarded. The special effects make their facial expressions wooded and then there’s that speech. I preferred the Next Generation’s Klingons better.

But that’s really my only issue. Other than that I really enjoy the series and am sad this is the last episode of the Season.

Which I think they will finally reveal the fact they are in the “Mirror Universe” and not in standard Trek universe.


All I can say about the last episode is…


Well, Klingon titties but titties nonetheless.


I’ll watch it tomorrow. I feel a confused boner in my near future. So far it’s a good show.


Klingon nipples or just Klingon side boob?


Gunny approves this post!


I swear I think Lorca put the coordinates of Unknown in the computer right before the jump. Will we be getting a Klingon/Human baby coming after that hawt Klingon sex?


Super hawt.

How does Klingon breeding work? Who carries the child?


See from Rick Berman talking about creating Deep Space Nine

"The problem with Star Trek: The Next Generation is Gene created a group of characters that he purposely chose not to allow conflict between. Starfleet officers cannot be in conflict, thus its murderous to write these shows because there is no good drama without conflict, and the conflict has to come from outside the group. What we wanted to do was something that was almost paradoxical – bring conflict but not break Gene’s rules.

Those bastards on Discovery are breaking Gene’s rules. Please get angry @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx.


I refuse to acknowledge this as a Star Trek show. Beer Pong. Cursing. Disregard for authority. This is not Star Fleet.


You are right. it’s better than Star Fleet.


It’s a great show. Just isn’t Star Trek


the Klingons suck

that makes the show unlikable


I don’t disagree there. They have way too much special effects on. It kills their facial expressions and acting. They are basically puppets.

Then there is the klingon language…way too slow.

They could of left them as TNG Klingons and I’d be happy. Even if they changed up their uniforms.