Star Trek Discovery - SPOILERS



I don’t understand the logic behind that death either. Let’s make a colossally stupid decision on letting an unstoppable beast out of it’s cage and see what happens…

I’m not sure what else they expected. I really don’t. That scene and death was just shitty writing and a plot device to move Michael further up the chain of command. It’s almost as bad as the Captain and 1st Officer both beaming to the Klingon ship on an away mission. That’s a staple Star Trek blunder that drives me nuts. They all do it. Isn’t there a Star Fleet Navy SEAL division? Seriously, the Captain and 1st Officer are the only people capable of leading an assault??

Regardless, I love this show. I’m so glad they upped the tech. It’s visually more appealing and makes more sense than the crap on past Star Trek shows.


Just watched the episode. I’ve never agreed with Jammer so much. It’s a good show. It’s just not a good Star Trek.

Isn’t enslaving a being to use for their own purposes against Federal regulations? Wouldn’t the Captain be charged with a war crime? Any previous series the Captain would be visited by an Admiral, torn a new one and taken off the ship, one way or another.


I hate the look of the fucking Klingons.

and stop with the stupid fucking sub titles. it seems like it takes a Klingon 5 minutes to say 3 words.

I’m not sure about this series.

part of me wants it to fail just because the whole world can get it on netflix except the country they are based in











Form what I read in some Reddit Star Trek Neck beard posts the drive is banned. Or will be. Apparently it’s called the DASH Drive and is banned by the Federation (or will be). I’m not sure on the time lines.

My Google-Fu is failing to find any info on this.


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another rant…

why in the fuck would Starfleet not use a self destruct protocol when abandoning a star ship after a battle?

The klingons stroll into a federation ship and takes its energy source?



one positive - its good to see rupaul working again:


Officers in Star Trek do not curse and perfectly written from a review I read:

DSC was billed as a new approach for the franchise, but if “new approach” is just “hey, remember Battlestar Galactica?”


Best Trek Evar!


Whoever posted that it’s a good show just not really star trek is spot on.


Just started the most recent episode. Prepare for criticism


Excellent episode. Makes for a great sci fi series. Those F Bombs were completely out of place. Reminds me of that South Park episode where everybody tunes in to hear “shit” on tv.

The more I watch, the further away from Star Trek this series gets. Great series though if you separate the two.


You’re almost on board. Waffling like Johnny.


Popular Fan Theory is that they are already in the Mirror Universe. Which is why it’s not all Trekkie like you neckbeards want.


CBS has confirmed renewal of the show for a second season.


They must be making good money off their streaming service


As I say every time I like the show but it’s not Star Trek. Holodeck = not yet so they have completely fucked the canon. And admirals sleeping with captains. Shame.