Star Trek Discovery - SPOILERS



I’m still not sure why they are different… Anyway, here’s a cool video on the making of the new Klingons.


The big thing with me is proving the men wrong. The chief Science Officer is telling you his expert opinion on a matter. But no, the female #2 had to chime in and object and prove him wrong. Too much girl power in that episode. Going to take a lot of willpower to turn on the second.

One other thing, since when do they have ethnic named ships matched to the ethnic person?


Why do they feel the need to change the fucking Klingons?


Episode 3 is a pretty solid intro to the USS Discovery and it’s Captain. This won’t be you’re standard Star Trek, they definitely are mix BattleStar Galactica in.


I’ll check it out. Didn’t realize the 3rd episode was ready. Finished the second one the other day. It was tolerable. I’ll generally give a new show 3-5 episodes to get me hooked or not.


For whatever reason episode 2 never recorded for me was 1 the only freebie? Time to find a source…


1 was the only freebie.


I hate this


FYI @sjam613. This is why there are no mini skirts and Go-Go boots on the Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours, which was released earlier this week, gives readers a crossover between the Enterprise and Shenzhou crews in 2255. With the crews traveling space within years of each other, their completely different uniforms would certainly raise some eyebrows. Thankfully, the novel explains it away pretty easily, in a passage you can check out below.

“Gant and his team from the Shenzhou wore dark blue Starfleet utility jumpsuit uniforms with black trim, while the Enterprise team sported pale gold or light blue jerseys over black trousers — a new uniform style that so far had been issued exclusively to the crews of Starfleet’s vaunted Constitution- class starships.”

So, there you have it. Apparently the outfits worn by the Enterprise crew were far ahead of the curve, while the Shenzhou crew members were donning more standard uniforms of the time.


Don’t really care for the new Klingon look.

Any of it. The ships, clothes and facial features.

It’s too busy and too dark


Well they are a ceremonial race. The details on the ships and armor are pretty well done in my opinion. The makeup however is another story. The third episode was actually pretty good.


Third episode was good.


Ok I am through the third episode and will continue watching but so far it’s not really Star Trek to me. Like I said in the podcast, The Orville is more Star Trek than Discovery is.


Also let me go into @xxxNAILBUNNYxxx nerd rage about the show. The technology is way advanced for a show that takes place 10 years before Kirk’s crew. Such as the admiral’s projection walking around instead of being on screen.


I give a lot of leeway here. You can’t lock yourself into Star Trek’s original interpretation of what the future will be. That was 50 years ago. Hell, we have holograms now.


Klingons didn’t invent stealth technology!!! There’s no reason they should be all ninja in deep space right now.

As for those holograms, it really bugs me that they interact with the ship they’re projecting to. It infuriates me.



That was annoying


Well they didn’t waste time killing what seemed to be a major character. Will keep watching this show but it is not Star Trek.


Perfect from a review I read on the latest episode.

Captain Georgiou left Michael a telescope and an inspirational hologram in her will. It’s a mawkish, manipulative moment that fails to answer how this material wasn’t delivered to Michael sooner, or what idiot salvaged the Shenzhou to snag an ancient telescope while leading a fully-functioning dilithium processor behind.