Star Trek Discovery - SPOILERS




I’ll watch it once CBS smartens up and realizes only putting it online is a failure and puts it on TV.


It angers me to no end that they are trying to hold Star Trek fans hostage with their pay service.

BTW…Beyond was good.


@sjam613 @JohnnyHustler Not sure if you saw or not but it was revealed this will air on Netflix about the same time its aired on their online service.


I want to see a news link to that.




It says excluding the US and Canada.


Oh yea… no shit… I didn’t even read that part… oh well nvm then lol


Fuck it then ill just torrent that shit


You’re easily entertained.


It’s Star Trek. Who cares? It’s online only because it blows in comparison to all other science fiction.

Star wars for life. Trekies blow. Picard is Gaye. That is all.


That’s crossing the line.


Why can’t I like this more. Need +infinite likes here!



so much wrong


Still not watching this thanks to CBS forcing it on their pay service but it will have a female lead and a gay character. Slated to take place 5 years prior to Kirk and takes place in the prime universe not the JJ universe.


Like I said before ill torrent it… that’s about it lol


Same. Even if I have access to it, I’d torrent it. I like watching TV shows while mindlessly building servers at work.



Like the choice of Jason Isaacs as the captain of the ship. Thinking he would be good in that spot. Still no way am I paying to watch that show no matter how much I love Star Trek.


But he’s not the focus of the show. Sasha from TWD is the main character. I’m thinking they start with him as Captain and during the course of the mission he gets killed.

Or maybe the focus isn’t the Captain this go around.