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Stallion83 Hits Two Million Gamerscore


I know most of us here don’t give a shit about achievements, but next time someone bitches that you play games too much…I don’t think combined, we all would match his gamerscore…thank God for having a life.

The world record holder for highest Gamerscore has cleared a new unprecedented milestone: two million total Gamerscore. Ray Cox, better known by his gamertag Stallion83, spent last night streaming Halo: The Master Chief Collection on the way to surpassing the record-setting achievement. We were able to pull him aside for an interview to ask him how he decided on the final achievement, what the journey for the second million has been like, and whether he plans to go for three million Gamerscore.

What went into your choice of achievement to hit the milestone?

I’ve been waiting for weeks for the perfect achievement to come along in a new game but it never really happened for me. I wanted the title of the achievement to be cool and the achievement art to look awesome. I finally found that dabbling with some shooters. And so I came across cool art and awesome achievement titles in Halo: MCC. It became clear that it would be the game I wanted to use after playing a few levels. I’m a huge fan of Halo and it’s probably my favorite series to date. So it worked out perfectly, I would say.

In what ways was the journey to two million different than the journey to one million?

There was a tremendous difference in my approach. My sole focus when gunning for 1M was to get to it as fast as humanly possible and to be the first to do it. I look back at that now and I really don’t know how I accomplished the 1 million in the time frame that I did it in. I didn’t really start gunning for 2 million until late last year and for probably the last 4-5 months I reverted back to my pre-million self to get it done.

In your opinion, has gamerscore been devalued on the XB1?

It’s easier to obtain Gamerscore now for sure. There’s no doubt about it. Devalued? I don’t really have an opinion on that other than saying it’s easier to acquire Gamerscore because of the ID@Xbox program. There’s a new bar now, that’s all.

Will you be going for three million?

…Who knows. I’ll never say never. I will always be into the achievements but I don’t think I’ll always be into being top on Gamerscore. Not forever, at least. They’re two entirely different things.

What was the easiest 1,000 along the way?

Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth might still hold this title.

What was the hardest achievement or completion on the way?

Doing Inversion was dumb. I want those 400+ hours of my life back.

Besides the milestone achievement, what other achievement are you most proud of or do you consider your favorite?

My favorite achievement besides the new 2 million milestone one would be the one I used for 1 million Gamerscore “I like a Challenge” Honestly, it’s so hard to look back at them all and just pick one. It took them all to get that score.

Anything else you want to say?

Shout out to the TA community for making guides and sharing their love for achievements in this community. We all have a passion for games and achievements and it’s great to share that with so many people.

Thanks again to Ray for taking time to speak with us — on Thanksgiving no less! Below you can find a summary of the many games and platforms on which he’s chased achievements since 2005.


Additionally, he earned the second million in almost exactly half the time it took him to earn the first million. Between 0 and one million Gamerscore, he needed 3,094 days. For the second million, he took just another 1,654 days. You can find the complete deep dive into his stats on his profile, including achievement streaks, best days, and so much more. If you’d like to see the moment he hit the milestone, you can catch up with his Twitch stream from last night which documented the occasion.

Congratulations to Stallion83 on extending his Guinness World Record for Gamerscore!


My gamerscore is purely by accident. I never look up achievements. Just have no interest in that at all.