Squad PC game

So I just picked up squad last night and plan to play it tonight on PC and i was curious if anyone else plays. If so hit me up and we can play, dont expect much though I’m not worth a damn on Keyboard and mouse yet.


I’ve not heard of it Souless.

It’s a mod based off battlefield 2 I think, Milsim type of game

(cough)…“meat shield”…

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I played it in alpha but at that point it had 2 many bugs. Just recently got it in a humble monthly bundle so I would be interested to check it out again.

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What I’ve seen recently it seems to do pretty good I’ll find out tonight

Some ones gotta do it, I’m used to the shit work lol

Soul, I really like that positive attitude. Keep it up, Gunny needs a new big brother…

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Ok so I played last night and I dont have the best pc ever for sure it’s a omen 15 laptop actually and it ran Squad on ultra setting with frames staying pretty solid around 100. I didnt notice all but a couple small hiccups while playing as well. I’d say now is the perfect time to get back into I had a blast even if I didn’t do well. Just need to get some people together and form a squad is all.

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I’ll download it and check it out but I’m not sure if my crappy 10 year old pc can run it lol.

Well let me know how it goes then, hopefully we can join up and play if you can run it