Speed Test Accuracy ? Living with Rural Internet.

I know your ISP normally sells you on numbers you’ll never get, but with high speed internet in the past it never really mattered for me. I’ve been cursed with poor internet for 2 years and I’m hoping to upgrade, sadly there may be no better options in my area. So my question…how accurate are internet speed tests? Because I feel like I’m not getting nearly what the speed tests claim I’m getting. The speed test seems to match up with what my router claims I’m getting. The only way I know to test these numbers is watch the speeds I get in my torrent client. I get 1.3MB D/L and almost 1 U/L. This has been the best I can get since day 1. (testing on a hard wired laptop) Anyways…I have no reason to believe my torrent client is wrong as I’ve been using it for years. No speed test matches up with this. Speed tests online as well on the Xbox claim I get around 11 down and 1 up.

Is there a way to test my internet to see if these speed tests are accurate? I calculated it in the past incorrectly…I came up with 13919kbps = 1.3 mb. I had the freaking decimal in the wrong place and assumed 1.3 was correct. Last question…do the download and upload numbers matter at all as far as gaming is concerned? Isn’t it my ping/latency that determines my connection when playing online?

Thanks in advance for any advice! I’d like to improve my internet when my bs 2 year contract is up with my current ISP. I’d like to be able to game online again…but I dunno. I’m adding some pics. A speed test online, a speed test I just ran on Xbox Live, what my router says I get, and a screenshot from uTorrent with my D/L maxed out. As you can see top speed begins to shut other torrents down and the internet barely works.


Depends. 1 test may not be conclusive. Your PC maybe doing things, people may be using your network (ie, like my kids and netflix, gaming, whatever). If you are seeing the same results after a few tests using different servers then I’d believe it to be accurate.

Torrent download vs Actual bandwidth are 2 different things. I have 75 MB down (speedtests list as 80) but can only torrent at about 8mb. Torrent downloads is also a setting in the app, the amount of connections and whatnot.

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Yeah…I try to run the tests when nothing else is on the network and I close all programs/torrents etc. I also turn the WiFi off which disconnects everything/everyone except my laptop and Xbox.

I really haven’t tried to game much on this internet. I just assume it’ll be shitty. Battlefield was “OK” as long as I joined a close server. When I joined someone else’s game it went to shit.

Do D/L and U/L speeds affect online gaming? I thought it didn’t matter, that your ping was what mattered.
For the most part I can get by on this slow internet. My main issue (other than gaming) is when I try to stream live sporting events. It’s usually good, but not always.

My options now, if I decide to change ISP’s, are ALL satellite. :unamused: I currently have DSL so I atleast have a line to my house. I should be able to increase my D/L and U/L speeds. Ping depends on who I go with. I was told 40-50ms at best. :unamused:

So I guess what I need to know is:

  1. Do D/L and U/L speeds effect online gaming or is it just your ping?

  2. Would higher D/L and U/L speeds improve online gaming and/or online streaming?

  3. Is DSL much better than satellite when it comes to gaming?
    (I’m assuming satellite service would suffer during storms and whatnot)

Thanks a ton for any advice!!! I’ve been waiting 2 years for this contract to run out and now I’m not even sure if I can do any better.

  1. It will affect your online gaming. I’m not sure what the actual usage is, I think it’s a lot less then what people actually think. D/L and U/L don’t actually affect ping per se but you probably mean the time it takes to return.

  2. Netflix is a bandwidth whore, so yes.

  3. Satellite would be so bad for gaming. While the speed would be there, the Latency (what most mean by ping) would not. The pipe may be fat but the packets move a lot slower.

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Have lived in country for many years previous. Stick with dsl vs satalite.


What about LTE internet? There’s a local company who I thought only offered satellite service who is telling me otherwise. With my limited knowledge I’m not sure if I’m asking them my questions correctly, but, I was assured that they would not be installing a satellite dish on our roof as they do with other customers. I informed them that my home has never been wired for cable or high speed internet and I was also assured all wiring would be done and included in installation.

So I go back to their website after speaking with them and look over the prices. The prices I’ve been given match with their “LTE Internet” pricing. Isn’t LTE basically cell phone service? Which is wireless? Maybe I asked the question wrong…but when speaking to a representative online I asked,

“I would like to know what type of service you can offer at my current address. Can you offer actual wired high speed internet or only satellite service?” Their answer was, “Wired.”

Now I’m all confused again. Is LTE internet an upgrade from DSL? They’re offering slightly higher speeds. “UP TO” 15 d/l and 3 u/l and claimed latency was between 40-50 ms.