Spec Ops - coop anyone?

Well, trying to do a co-op mission with randos is more futile than trying to get Gunny to expand his horizons beyond Coors. So, anyone interested in putting a party together to try and knock a few out and unlock the other operators?

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I have been working on them since the game came out and only finished the first one so far. Came close on the airplane once. I would team up and @Destroyert1 would too. Normal game time for me is between 8 and 10 est most days. Randomly other times. See what works for everyone. @codplayers

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Count me in, I’d like to be a part of this.

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See, that’s how this works. Now get your asses gaming together, whores.


Finished Kuvalda and Just Reward today. Pretty much was carried through them no big surprise.

@Sniper_T1 @Destroyert1 @angelofsinx4 @codplayers

Anyone up for a run at the Paladin mission tomorrow night? Tried a few times with randoms and just ain’t going to happen. Watched one video that says if all four people take turrets with them it makes it much easier (the first two crate defends in particular), so seems like something to try?

I’ll be on, so just hop into the party I’ll have up if you’re interested. Should be on around 7PM EST.

Missed this yesterday. I finished Paladin last night too. Only have one left.

Anytime you’re up to carry me through it again, just let me know. :wink: