Sous Vide Cooker


Good question. It died faster than the wicked witch of the west.


Going to do a 48- or 72-hour batch of short ribs this coming weekend (I think). Will post results afterwards.


My wife was looking at a sous vide cooker for my dad for Christmas. Came across this, any good or stick with the one you guys are using?


My only concern about that one depends on the vessel he’d be using for the water. If he’s using a pot or rubbermaid tubs, he’ll probably be fine. However, for longer cooks, bigger cuts (whole tenderloin), or just lots of food (multiple racks of ribs), I will use a large cooler. It doesn’t look like the clip on that one will fit over the side of a cooler.

This also assumes that he doesn’t care about linking it to his phone via bluetooth or wifi.


Cool, good info. Thanks @Claude505!


I’ve come across a pretty good YouTube channel for any of you Sous Vide chefs.

@Bigfish - You’ll like these ninjas. I saw a video recently about cooking a pork butt and decided to give it a try. You start by smoking it for 3 hours. Then bag it and cook for SIXTY hours at 145 degrees. I did my best to smoke it on the Big Green Egg. I’m still learning the egg (one of the perks of my new marriage). I had trouble keeping the temps below 250. At one point I killed the fire and had to restart it. Anyway, I bagged it and dropped it in the water Saturday night around 8. I’ll pull it out and sear it tomorrow morning before work. Since I don’t have a torch, I’m thinking about just using the broiler in my oven to crisp up the top a bit. I’m worried that it will fall apart if I try to sear it on the grill.


Nice! I agree with you about the grill. It’ll be nice and hot, but would fall apart. Looking at the meat, would fall apart.


These guys are awesome. Thanks for sharing this @Claude505


I need to work on my smoke. Maybe I need more chips or chunks instead of chips. Anyone got smoking experience with a BGE? Other than that, this turned out great. It’s the first time that I’ve legitimately been able to just pull/shred a butt with forks. I will absolutely do it again.
New photo by Clark Avery
New photo by Clark Avery
New photo by Clark Avery
New photo by Clark Avery


@Claude505 - any other good SV recipes I should try in the new year?

@Bigfish - did you guys end up getting a SV cooker?


We did not. We have some travel coming up and are pinching pennies for it. We need a new food saver vacuum sealer first on our list. Also need some new cutting boards as some of the plastic sanitary one’s we have are warping.


Nothing new besides the pork butt. I’ve done a lot of beef over the last month with holiday parties, etc. After watching more of those videos, I have started seasoning steaks in the bag with good results.

I did pork chops the other night and used my new searzall torch, which was fun. I want to try some veggies soon.


Agreed here - I’ve taken to putting a dry rub on before bagging the steaks and then letting them rip. Eventually it’s a soup - but a tasty soup - that they’re cooking in. Only time I stray from that is if I do an herbed butter in the bag.


Was the Searzall worth it? I bought a cast iron dedicated to searing the Sous Vide steaks. I bought some CAB Ribeyes and I’m debating the smoker or the SV.


Considering that it was a Christmas present, yes, it’s worth it. I think it will be useful with meats that are falling apart (fish, 60 hr pork butts, etc.). It seems more useful if you’re only cooking one or two steaks. And, it creates significantly less smoke than cast iron searing when you need to stay inside.


Those are all good things, I have a standard propane torch for lighting my UDS but I’ll have to consider the Searzall for my next purchase.


More sous vide food porn…


That looks good