Sous Vide Cooker


Sounds like he wants to wine and dine you Caveman!!!


He’s just slumming it.




Superbowl spread

Filet Mignon Tacos and Burritos


Looks like you seared it too long.


Yup, learning process. Also learned those were a little too rare for the wife’s liking will probably bump it up 15 degrees next time.


I did do the overnight bacon and can’t wait to fire it up this week for breakfast.
Hit up the Costco Ultra Thick Applewood Smoked stuff, so I hope it is delicious


15 Degrees? What temp did you cook to with those?


I had it set at 135.
She prefers MW to W steaks, I am a MR guy


129 is the magic number for me.


136.5 for me.



Your magic number is one - one angry inch.


A few of my latest accomplishments…


Damn man you are a savage with that thing. They all look delicious. I have some friends telling me I need to try some St. Louis ribs in Sous Vide for at least three hours and them finish them on the smoker.

Have you tried ribs yet @Claude505?


I have not. But I’m planning on doing ribs at my family’s beach week next month. From what I’ve seen, you can do them at 165 for about 12 hours or you can cook them at 145 for 20 hours. They all use barbecue sauce or rub in the bag along with some liquid smoke. Then you just glaze them with sauce on the grill.

One recipe said you can quench them in an ice bath and then keep them cold for up to 5 days. After that, you just grill them to re-heat them and get your sauce right.


Prime day sale…


@Claude505 - i am doing twice cooked Pork Belly next weekend. Sous Vide first and then cubed into “Burnt Ends” and then on the smoker. Going to use them as an appetizer. Costco here had a big sale on USDA Prime and I bought some NYs and Filets to stock up.

Have you tried anything new lately?


I did 9 full racks of ribs a few weeks ago. It was a bit of a shit show as my cooker went for a swim as we were moving the cooler out of the way. So, I had to revert to the old cooler method. We added some boiling water every few hours and they stayed right around 150 (+/- 3 or 4 degrees).

I failed on the finishing. I didn’t dry them off (there was a lot of juice that cooked out of them). I didn’t have enough sauce. And the grill wasn’t really hot enough. BUT, the texture and doneness was about perfect. They pulled off the bone easily with a really nice texture. They did NOT fall of the bone.

The only other problem is that my brother insisted on using mustard with the dry rub. I don’t like what the vinegar does to them in the bag. I’ve tried using a balsamic vinegar with my steaks before with disappointing results.

PS - If your Anova cooker goes for a swim, it’s dead until you send it back to them for repairs.


How can that thing not be water proof?