Sous Vide Cooker

Do any of you clowns have a Sous Vide cooker?
It ended up being the big haul for Christmas and before I go stumbling around the Inter-Webz I thought I would check in with all of you first.



Paging @Claude505 and @BalekFekete.

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Anova is the brand I have and I love it. It comes with an app and cookbook, etc. That will tell you everything you need to know.

So helpful!

I got the ANOVA as well @Claude505. Great to see you using it on a cooler. Great idea!

@D1G1TALC1PHERS - so much easier to ask the unwashed masses for help as opposed to reading directions

That picture is from New Year’s Eve. I did some more NY Strips in the cooler. I use a cooler some to reduce energy usage (less heat loss) but mostly because its the only vessel big enough when I need to cook a bunch of steaks.

I missed my peak grilling window on these steaks and didn’t get the char I wanted on them. But they were still amazing. The char on the Christmas steaks was probably the best I’ve done. I used a Roquefort and goat’s milk butter drizzle on these and the ones from Christmas.

136.5 degrees is my preferred cooking temp. And don’t use olive oil if you are going for a really good char. It burns at too low of a temp. I’ve had success with grape seed oil and sunflower seed oil.

If you’re doing regular steaks, fish, or chicken, the container doesn’t matter all that much because the cook time is relatively short - under an hour. Now if you’re going to do a lower, slower cook across multiple hours, then thermal retention comes into play (as well as evaporation). I’ve only needed to use insert from our fryer - nice and deep yet not monstorous.

Doing the marinade right in the sealed bags is best way to go. I’ve done a rosemary oil one that was awesome. Also did a sage butter with a set of salmon steaks that came out great.

As Claude had indicated, only must do is the char after you’re cooked. I gave a searing burner on my grill I use, but have also used the cast iron skillet as well.

Experiment a bit and you’ll figure out what works best for you.

Don’t you miss the smokey flavor you get with charcoal grilling steak?

Nope, not when it’s replaced with a tasty marinade or rub…

A good quality steak doesn’t need a rub or marinade.

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Don’t Kavemen eat their mastodon raw?

Any steak needs to be seasoned. That’s all a rub is. A rub can just be salt and pepper if that is your choosing.

But that’s the thing about sous vide you can turn a shit cut of meat into something juicy and edible.

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we aren’t savages for fuck sakes.

I prefer my mastodon fillet seasoned with kosher sea salt and fresh cracked pepper grilled medium rare over a pecan wood fire.

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You’ve obviously never had a properly charred, sous vide steak. It lives up to the hype.

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I am grabbing some steaks tonight and will be breaking my cooker in this weekend. Thanks for all the tips!

I would of suggested practicing on Hooker meat. It’s cheap and I know of a good source.

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Lala I think Claude is asking me out on a date.