Sorry for not really being around.


As the title states, I’m one of the newer people here, and haven’t really had the chance yet to team up with anyone. But my wife and I are moving to a new city, out of the country, and I will be MIA for a little bit sometime this week until internet gets installed and everything is running smooth.

I hope y’all are doing good and I will see you in game as soon as I can!


No worries, we’ll be here. We don’t take attendance.

What country are you moving to? And good luck moving, it’s always a stressful time.


No worries man.

Moving is stressful enough but changing country too?!
Where to? Have you been planning this long?


Life happens. Given everyone here is - more or less - an adult, we get it. Hell, I’d wager all of us have gone through times where the gaming takes a backseat. We’ll leave the lights on…