Sopranos Fans


Really good article with interviews about the Long Term Parking episode. How they filmed it, what their initial thoughts were, scenes that got dropped in it.


You know I’ve only seen one season and scattered episodes and I keep meaning to watch all of them.


You’ve seen more than me. Kind of like BC games, hard for me to watch older shows anymore.

I blame the HD programming, and of course the forum bot as well


It is one of my top shows and probably was my top until Breaking Bad came along. Sopranos have a few shitty episodes where there is not one bad episode of Breaking Bad.


There are some shows I can go back and watch no matter how old they are.

Soprano’s, The Wire, A-Team, Breaking Bad and Magnum pi


That was unexpected.


He likes how the stache tickles him.


Hawaiian Shirts and bushy mustaches…


Do it HBO.


Sounds like HBO is going with this next year with GoT being over.

Actually after reading it, looks like it is a film rather than a series.