Some Potentially Leaked/Data Mined Zombies and MP Info

With the latest update for Call of Duty Vanguard New files were found that seem to Leak upcoming DLC Content for the Vanguard Zombies Mode!

  1. New lines announcer dialogue seems to indicate that three new game modes are going to be Added into Vanguard Zombies. These look to be Cranked, Jingle Hells(or a variation of it) and Gun Game. These game modes do seem to be the ones already featured in the last Treyarch Zombies game Black Ops Cold War. However, They will still need to be adapted for the Vanguard Zombies mode as it does not feature a traditional Round Based Zombies Map. New Powerups were also found as well as the first reference to the addition of a new Wonder Weapon into the Vanguard Zombies mode! Check them out here -

  2. Free DLC codes were found that enable players to recive two charms and one calling card for free within Call of Duty Vanguard.
    Hang On Back There: G15C-G7F1Z-KNVJ
    Crunchy’s Comet: 1CJ5-ZL6N8-FGFY
    Calling Card: D1FR-VK6R0-K68Q

Reddeem at Log in - CALL OF DUTY®

And apparently there will be a Krampus Operator skin coming, but the tweet was DMCA’d