Some one is replying to the thread...

I have come to really appreciate the notice that someone is replying to the thread I am in. It has kept me in that thread longer when i see that pop up. Waiting to see what the next reply says. It also keeps me thinking about the topic discussed almost forcing me to reply again. This really keeps active posts going.

With the realtime nature of discourse, I think this just shows how it takes the best things from a chat platform and a forum board and puts them together with little negative drawbacks.

With that said it always keeps me thinking of ways we can make this community more engaging and beneficial to it’s members.


Agree. I love this feature.

I do as well. Our forums are basically a chat room that you can search and access 24/7. Replies have always been real time (even on mobile devices).

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The replying notification is great.

It Is! Except when I’m in a thread, oh say MLB 17, waiting anxiously for a reply. Then it’s like “dad was supposed to be here why isn’t he here?” All over again.