Sling to offer multi channel streaming for $20

Cord-Cutters rejoice! Sling TV Will Stream ESPN (and a Few Other Channels) for $20 a Month.

This particular service, dubbed Sling TV and announced at CES today (not to be confused with Slingbox, a completely different company), comes from Dish. At launch, it will include TNT, TBS, CNN, Food Network, HGTV, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Disney, ESPN, and ESPN2. In the future, they say, they’ll add other channels in the form off add-on packages for $5 each.

At launch, Sling TV will be available on the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Windows, OS X, and a LG smart TVs, with hopefully more devices coming in the future. It still contains commercials, but if all you want is sports (or 24-hour news, or cartoons), this is a much cheaper way to get them.

Holy awesome! !!!

Finally there are some options. If love to see a full a la carte option for all channels and have that available. It would also be good to make sure they are all live, as apps like CW and FX usually populate the day after it airs

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i think this is the year that breaks the cable companies. Sony Vue is coming out early '15, although pricing isnt annoucned, this Sling thing… roku, hulu, youtube, are all gaining more tracktion, Netflix is making shows better than AMC… the writing is on the wall. Dish knows it and is trying to adapt, time for Cable companies to try or they will bust.

Nothing will break the cable companies. Comcast will now just charge per data usage, like Mobile devices. They’ll get their money .

hm, true… maybe break isnt the correct term. Comcast and ATT are fucking huge… instead of being known for cable. they will be known as internet suppliers…

I read somewhere yesterday that all Gold X1 users will get a month free.

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So yeah reviving an old thread but wanted to see if anyone is using them. Right now you can use it free for seven days.

Contemplating dropping DirecTV for this. I think I can get by with the blue + package which rolls up to about $30/ month.

Would save almost $70.00 month if I could get by with that and an antennae.

Signed up for both the 7 day trial on Sling and PS Vue. Wiil probably wirte something up after my trial period.

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