Slack for business


In my line of work, I cannot just email most documents and its best my clients don’t either… I pay $3-4k per year for client private portals, but the data expires and clients need our staff help nearly every season just to log in…to say they are underused and overpriced would be an understatement.

I’m wondering if anyone uses slack in their work life. If you do, how do you use it? As secure private communications with clients or vendors? or? I’m just looking into other options…most of my googling gets the marketing side of this, I need to know so real life users…

Do you know of something better?


i’m not sure on how secure it is, but we use it at work. There’s a few specific channels; general, out of stock, food, but mostly we have a channel for each job active. Only the sales person, the pm and the techs involved in the jobs are in the channel so when some one has a question on the job or notes they need to add its all in one location. it’s also nice not to have to get the cell number every time a new person starts.


The one thing that slack has that discord (cuz i have experience there) does not is end to end encryption. Apparently this a good thing for us financial ppl. Thanks @Mowerguy90 Sounds like this is internal communication only for you though, correct?


correct. It works well for what we use it for. And im not sure you are able to hide everyone in the slack group so even if you kept your channels hidden it’s possible your clients could see and talk to each other. Although, they may have a way to lock that, not sure.


We use Lync / Skype for Business at work for IM, we don’t have a group IM… I leave mine on permanent Busy as I don’t want some fucktard bothering me with some shit they’re trying to skirt past the ticket / approval system.


Why don’t you host your own FTP server?
Full control, storage as long as you want and can keep the front-end simple if you prefer.


@unobtainaballs best part of 3rd parties is maintenance is their problem, including lost pws and such. If i manage a server that becomes my job, permissions ui, updates…f that. I’m willing to pay for something that saves me time. I just want to save more and pay less (completely reasonable right).


Fair enough.

We use Slack for internal comms only.

Skype for Business is our primary internal comms tool but a few of our customers use it too so we can and do communicate via that - even if mostly for conference calls.

All files are encouraged to be sent via FTP.
Though email is still used a lot too.


We use Amazon chime for our UC comms. Can set up specific rooms, audio, video calls, phone app, outlook integration so there’s a auto call one click join feature. We used to be with Lync, but screen sharing with Lync was horrible at 5-10fps.

That said, it does have quirks, but we’ve been on it for a couple years now and it suits our needs.


ok hers what i have learned for structure…slack is smart in there pricing…bad for me

  1. private(guest channels are free)

  2. you pay $6.67-8 per active non-guest user

  3. Limited to 5 guests per active

  4. I would need 100-150 “guest” channels for my business

so that’s (150/5=30) 30* 6.67 *12=2401

I pay about 3k now…so about the same price

I would need to love slack to fully make this move…I’m probably test with a few select clients…its cheap with 3-4 users


We started with Slack here but ran into limitations with using their free service. Then Discord came out and it made more sense for a gaming community to migrate there.


same and other limitations to use discord (some business do for internal comms BTW)

  1. not E2E encrypted

  2. cannot do different levels of access to same channel for different users in discord

  3. can have private channels but all users and anyone can find a general channel and each other…basically open forum…huge downside

I think discord is great for communities and not right for business…slack might not be the right tool either…I’ll update my experience as i go


We use Skype for Business for internal comms. We used to allow partners to connect to it. Dont think so anymore. Wasnt much adoption, think manly cause of the requirements we made them have. Anything that partners need access to in terms of guarderd IP is done through a website. We manage partner and customer accounts mostly through SalesForce which then feed info to other systems. Complex as F***