SiriusXm Questions

Do you have a sub?

Which package did you get?

I am tempted to get All Access but not sure I will use it. 175+ Channels and Streaming from App/PC. Howard Stern, All Sports Etc.

I could save $9.99 a month by getting just the music package but I am really starting to enjoy sports talk radio in the morning. Mike & Mike etc.

How many of you have gotten XM only to cancel it and start using Pandora, etc?

Do you think it would be cheaper to run the music from my phone using my data plan up or go with XM?

Streaming music can eat up data on a cell plan, and the caps are draconian. My wife has Sirius on a free trial with our new van, and seems to like it. I know when I was commuting 150 miles per day for work, XM was a god send. Especially for the talk stations and the MLB package. Now that I’m not commuting, I just get the baseball package from, but it was great to have when I was driving a ton.

Yea I am on free trial until December. Just trying to figure out what I want to do.

I’ve heard if you call and cancel, they respond back with pretty good offers to keep you around. They’ll run 3-6 month deals, so you have to call in each time to cancel at the end of the deal to get a deal again.

I use to have a sub when it was all or nothing and had an hour and a half commute each way. very nice then. Since they went the cable package model I dumped it plus i don’t have the commute as i did so no longer have a use for it. Plus they have gotten a lot more expensive since then as well.

I had it until recently, and would still have it if not for my hours being cut. It’s fantastic in my case, being in middle of nowhere oilfield lane, fm radio is spotty at best. I did pretty much only listen to Howard Stern or ESPN radio, so I really didn’t get “My money’s worth”. One thing I’ve noticed is if you call to cancel, they usually offer highly discounted plans to you, so there’s that.

All in all, if I wasn’t in my truck pretty much all day, I don’t think It would be worth it.

That is the only reason I am considering it. I spend the majority of my work day in my truck.

My other option would be to get a sub with spotify and download all the music I want to my phone or tablet. Doesn’t use data, is cheaper, but I loose ESPN, Comedy, Stern. Traffic, News all that kinda stuff.

That’s what I did, get Spotify. I have a few playlists downloaded, while on Wi-Fi, to my work phone. Can’t beat the deal they offer.

You could get podcasts from ESPN to fill that gap.

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I have a music only subscription for our Acura. I really like some of the stations because they have decent DJs. I really like hearing a DJ talk a bit about a song. We threaten to cancel all the time so they knock down the price. I think we pay $7.99 per month.

I use Pandora lot at work but not while driving or at the gym. I have a basic Slacker subscription for $3.99 that allows you to download stations for offline listening. I auto refreshes nightly while on wifi (or you can manually refresh). It doesn’t use any data since it stores the stations locally.

I have got into some podcasts since doing the Rapercast. It started as a learning tool to see what we could do better. Now I really enjoy a few and it’s a nice change of pace from music.

I have the all access and enjoy it but don’t use it as much as I used to. Between Audible, podcasts, and streaming I don’t really need it though. Yet for some reason I keep paying for it partially because at times I want my fix of NFL Talk or Howard.

I have listened to Howard since the mid 80s but lately have been doing audio books instead so I guess another part is my loyalty to him.

I buy every year and have done so for a while ( saves some money for other shit ) . I love my heavy metal and comedy.