Sip of Sunshine!


Hello from northern VT. I just cracked a Lawsons Sip of Sunshine and am trying to level up in Anthem. I’m currently on Xbox (Akai Soba), but I’ll be on PS4 (redcyde) at some point. I try to divide my time between Xbox, PS4 and snowboarding. Hope to see you around.


Hello! Added you to my FL, GT is YggBjorn. What does sunshine taste like?


Welcome! Just added you on Xbox.


Welcome to GRG!

I must be doing something wrong as I can’t find Akio Soba when I search on XBox. Am I spelling it wrong?


haha, Yup its Akai Soba, you seem to be mixing up ai with io.


Oh, I clicked on your profile and copied that.

Added you to my friends list and sent you an invite to the GRG XBox club.

XBox Gamer Tag: Lala Calamari


Welcome Red.

I’ll add you on all platforms.

You play Anthem on all of them? Or playing anything else too?


Welcome to the group I’ll get you added on xbox when I can and possibly see you on Anthem


First, jealous as hell. That’s a great beer that we can’t get down here in Philly.

Then, welcome!




Welcome GT same as user here pls add me…i’m back and forth between Anthem and Destiny


But hopefully mostly destiny! Welcome.