Signatures - Why we don't have them , and what options we do have.

The new forum software we are using doesn’t allow for traditional signatures like we are all used to. At this time there is no way that we are aware of to do traditional signatures. Don’t worry though they have implemented some great features that I believe are better and makes the forums much easier to read.

We now have 2 options for you to customize your GRG forum experience…

The first option is Profile Backgrounds. Profile backgrounds are the images people will see when they check out your profile. The only restriction is it must be 850px in width. The image will be centered so keep that in mind if making your own. Part of the image is covered with an overlay that has all of your “About Me” information on it.


The second option is User Cards. User cards are similar to profile backgrounds, but they are what people see when they click on your forum avatar. They are smaller with a width requirement of 590px. The image will be centered here also. It is a little harder to use if you want TEXT in it. Since the image is centered you will have to use trial and error to get the text in an aesthetic position.

Example: Inside the RED BOX

To add these images simply click on your Avatar at the top right of the page. Then select preferences. From there you can edit your title(if you have one), avatar, profile background, user card background, about me, and other information.

If you are having problems feel free to message D1G1TALC1PHERS.

Here is a template for the user cards. The white is what shows above the overlay, the black is below the overlay…