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Love it! I’ll tune in some time.

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@beers_and_leafs showing true GRG skills.

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Grex once again going AFK. Just lying there, presenting. Who can resist dat ass?

In all fairness, he once again left me alone in game. Circle is closing.


OMG, I feel so violated. Hey we still pulled out that Duo’s win in the next game.

Lmao! Way to be a team player Grex. Disnt look like lala got the lube drop before he got to you!

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Alone with @D1G1TALC1PHERS on the open seas.

This is where I let @beers_and_leafs die while reviving him. I did get @shortbus up but I like him. While that’s funny enough it’s not why I clipped this. This video is exactly why I hate Treyarch’s netcode. I’m dead before the guy even comes around the corner.

Two vids from Blackout…one showing how to piss someone off nicely and the other, a lesson in cooking a grenade when you’re in the final 3 and both opponents are fighting eachother and you have the spot on them…

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Bowling for scorpions

Play of the game.

@HAWKLANDER tells me the Daemon sucks. It must be Hawk that sucks as I get the POTG with a naked Daemon. World Commander, oh hell yeah!

Lala gets one kill cam and thinks he’s the shit . Vikes ( the kill cam whore ) , Beers ( the cam klii thief ) and me ( the truly earned cam killer ) have soooooooo many more . I laugh at your one time moment. Must have been a glitch in the game .

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First time I played Matchmaking in months and I’m POTG. The game is too easy!

I dedicate this one to @HAWKLANDER.

Another POTG. As always, I dedicate this video to @HAWKLANDER! BTW, this is the coolest gun skin in game.


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