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I’m not exactly sure what his play was there. I was just a passenger screaming towards my death.

@TEXENT was aware of the people there. I thought we were going to fight them.


I said I was going for the crate, trying to have it land on Jeep. My copilot didn’t point out that cliff that came outta no where


That looked more like Cooter and Rosco were driving.


For some reason this shit really bugs me. Trying to do some quests and it’s lagging the whole area out. Similar player names, similar GT with similar builds just auto firing. Usually it stays near the Dagger fall dolemens, but this is a small town with a main storyline quest.


There’s a group like that at Vulkhel Guard. Maybe it’s me, I’d rather play the game and get actually experience it.


Nothing much on my end of gaming tonight, so I ran through a couple Trials with my Trials/trading guild. Was my first time doing Maw. That shit was intense


This is what happens when you leave yer ship unattended around GRG…

This is what happens when you get told to stay logged in while you cook dinner with GRG…


Nice. I put the second video as the background on the new page.


This is one of my favorite things in a long time.


Nice, but how could kill one of your own varsity team members.


Coach put him in, I would have won state!!!




This side car flipped our Jeep, then a second bike came flying in and trapped themselves in the gas station

Pulling out the Dinner!


My youngest faced off against Ninja and almost got him. He’s super pumped about his. Made Ninja sweat a bit.


A couple of quick ones.

First, don’t press the wrong button at the wrong time:

Gun? I don’t need no stinking gun:

If you’re gonna block the bridge - do it right dummy:


lol on that first one. For the second if they had kill cam on xbox i would be so salted looking at that.


Yeah, so stupid of me. I was turning off the trigger stops while I was driving and hit the trigger that I had set as B.


So close, dammit.



I think I figured out the 4k upload. It’s different than the regular Xbox One upload procedure. This game is beautiful.