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Still got it. Picked the game up for the first time in a while. My toon is still set up really well.


Bring that talk tomorrow night in Cyrodiil!


We just landed, some asshole landed by us and took a vehicle. We played ring around the Rosie for a bit then this.


I was heavily into Morrowind tonight. Was underground when the Cyrodiil invites came in so I had to keep going.

I think it’s really great how they incorporated this character and his master into this game so it ties into Skyrim. I absolutely enjoyed it. If you haven’t beat the Morrowind expansion yet, go play it. It surprised me.



I’m working through it on my NB at the moment. BTW, Morrowind is on sale for those that don’t have it.





On behalf of @StormTrooperSlushi




Lol it was a valiant effort beers, damn laggy ass addicting game.


Potato aim resulted in fisticuffs. CATCH THESE HANDS BITCH.


Nobody shoots Mrs. rabb in the ass but me…NOBODY!




Bo and Luke Duke in PUBG



I wanted that crate badly


Oh that was you. You had an audience. You would have been dead as soon as you started swimming for it.