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Share your game videos with the community


That’s way easier than the way I have done it.


The easiest way is the @JohnnyHustler method.

  1. don’t play ever
  3. ???
  4. profit


Decent Ult kill with Diva to win the game


The duos game at about the 1hr 5 min mark is the one to watch



I worked it this match.



Trying to learn Bomb King. Got a nice Triple kill for POTG.



Best opening and ending titles ever.

Also - did neither of those Viktor multikills make POTG?!


The first one did but it cut off the last kill…so I used the clip I recorded.



Some highlights of the Hunter Master Race doing what Hunters do, kicking ass.



This was the worst. It was competitive mode too.


Finally got around to setting up a youtube channel and onedrive so I can upload videos easier. Here is a race in GTA where somebody tries to knock me out of first…




Damn, That would be infuriating. Especially in Comp.



This one has an intro and outro:!AtozlOIn9YGviHb4sgC-11G6mikT

This one doesn’t:!AtozlOIn9YGviHfh3XAvdgL_FVjy

This will be the folder I keep them in:!AtozlOIn9YGviHX9XffqcjEaBY-7


For the montages, I prefer just plain. Going to see if I can get a few more on Wednesday night.