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@DuvalFunk - Flash Bang Expert


This isn’t my clip…but I wasn’t really sure where to share it. So here you go…


Is that 2 AT mines in the side car?




nice, so you cant just put the mines on the bike you have to put it on a box so it falls on to the bike.



Nice timing, Mei :slight_smile:

This was a comp match also, which made it satisfying.


Watching Beers play BO2 is like a corner campers guide to CoD lmao…jk


Nice little 3 piece from last night.


Hey…that was me you killed with the stick grenade. lol


Haha, ya. I didnt notice last night. Watching today i was like “oh shit, that was shadow”. I missed so many times with my primary. Went for the panic grenade.



Couple of good ones from last nights community night.

Sqaud wipe starring Lala and Fetal. Coming this fall.

It’s raining Beers.

Squad wipe of randos.


Good clips

Love how the guy drops right in front of you for a kill. Too bad no one got ( I forget who ) under the house like prone killing our whole squad that would have made a good clip :scream:



No, the guy dropping in front of him, was not cool.




Great video. I had the same experience with the Hot Wheels DLC.


did some ESO Trials tonight. Holy shitsnacks. If you don’t have a decent group who communicates and coordinates, you’re fucked.

This boss had 23 million health


It’s nice to see the helicopters are still broken. From Shooter McGavin Monday this week

And calling in a transport drop lol (bonus NPC cleavage)