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Rhonda is impossible to knockout… I pummeled her for 5 rounds. Won by decision but still


Nothing special, just showing a bit of zombies…trying to get some people’s attention.


Just a little forza


How big is the open world in horizon? I’ve gotten every forza in the series except for the horizon series.


It’s pretty damn big.


I may pick it up. If people still play it regularly


We have a few people that have it. I don’t know of anyone that plays it regularly.


I’ve never played a Forza game, but I really like this one. As for size, it’s pretty damn big. I’ve taken a break with BF1 and COD out, but I’d get on it and play again.



Been playing Skyrim SE a lot since it came out. Can’t seem to pull myself away and I’m glad funny glitches are still present.


If by chance you want to fix a lot of those glitches there is an unofficial patch mod that fixes a ton of the broken shit in the game, i’ve already ran into 3 broken quests which I cannot fix… that kind of shit really pisses me off…








Some nice Titanfall clips.

Figured out the other night I could kill people with the sonar spike.

And another of an unfortunate sole.


Just a couple funny/cool moments from this past month.


Forgot I had this…

Nothing amazing, just what it is.