Share your game videos with the community


Grim Reapers Gamers is a community run site. Without this community we would not be here. We welcome all members to contribute to this community is any way they like. Whether its writing an article, posting game highlights or promoting their streams.

If you would like to provide these things and contribute to the site. Let us know here. Post up links to your videos or if you want to do an article you can post here with a link to the article.

Thanks - How do I get featured on the GRG website?
GRG Community Night 8/23
GRG Community Night 8/30
State of GRG 9/13


Sorry it took me so long but these are now up on the main page.



@anon317817. Added your video to the GRG YouTube page and portfolio on the site.


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@rabb and I showing off our driving skillz.


Here is the same thing from my view :smile:


@LanceHung @sjam613 @rabb - your videos are up guys.

Thanks for all the submissions. Keep them coming.


My stupidity when facing a dragon for the first time.



Videos posted. Thanks @sjam613 and @beers_and_leafs


Here’s @EvolveYourself and myself trying the first heist.


Added. Thanks




Me playing around in single player, I love the random events that happen :laughing:


Added thanks


For some reason this one got wiped from my upload studios, but I found it on my onedrive. I don’t know how to share the video and not the link. @D1G1TALC1PHERS @CaptainPeeJ!461&auth


yeah you need to share it. check out the google doc article I wrote up about it.