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Share your game screenshots with the community


Hitman: Absolution (PC/XB)


American Truck Simulator


PlayerUnknown Battleground


Hitman Absolution


What’s your longest game of Frontlines? Played this one last night. How depressing to play 2 hours and lose. Next patch claims Frontline games will have a 45 minute time limit.


I say the same about the Eagles.

But seriously, fuck the Eagles.


Try being a Bills fan. :cry:


Holy Crap! They need to a put a time limit on that mode.


Apparently they are. I think they need to adjust the spawn locations. While I only played a few games (due to their length), many rounds got stuck in a seesaw between attacking / defending 2 points.


Here I(orange) am welcoming a new guy @anon47610769(purple) to GRG, GTA style!


Forza Horizon 3

Mass Effect: Andromeda


Ventured out into the desert today to the city of Valencia. Which is out beyond the horizon behind me. it still gets me how big this world is. Just massive. Also no autopathing in the desert. You have to bring water and tea with you. During the day you can get heat exhaustion and at night hypothermia.



Dual gaming


BDO has the ability to do 4k and 8k screenshots now. came out a bit a go but never really took any till now. Here are some 4k ones.


creepy black spirit got a bit creepier


War Thunder on PC via Steam