Shall I sow *more* Discord?


I am currently learning how to use the Fantasy Grounds Virtual Table Top simulator in order to host some RPG sessions for GRG members and maybe some family members. For family I will make a Discord server they can join and I can control. For GRG I am looking for some opinions and I have some questions. Can a room be created that is locked to most members and permissions given to only those who need them? Can those permissions have multiple layers? i.e. Admins, Mods, and the GMs can have super user access while the players can have basic access. Non players can’t access. The reason for this would be to limit spoilers about the modules so people currently playing can ask questions but the people waiting to play don’t get spoiled plots. I don’t want to segregate the communtiy of video gamers from RPG gamers onto another server if it is possible.

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You would need to make a role for “active player” and you can just assign it to those currently playing yes. I’m not sure about limiting their access within the room, but that shouldn’t matter. You can make multiple types of just “users”, same power, just different names so they can be restricted from rooms or not.



Can a role be created that would allow a GM to give access to players for the RPG specific rooms and not necessarily give the GMs server wide admin or mod permissions?



Is there a bot that can have a role setup for the admins, mods, and gms so a player could “apply” through the bot and then the once the “bot control role” user accepts the application then access is given to the player for the requested room?



I believe this can be done through role creation.

Depends what you mean by layers? Permissions can be assigned by role but I’m not sure what the options are or what you are suggesting here.

I’m not sure. Not currently but I don’t know enough to say this can’t be done.

I’ve seen this type of thing before but the bots all seem custom. Unless you could find one that exists and does what you need or could write the bot yourself then this would be tricky.



These were all technical Discord answers.

For the general concept in GRG I’d have to discuss with staff / let some others weigh in here.



As another idea, you can do most of this in forum. Not the role stuff but that might not be required.

Create a thread (or multiple) and indicate in the title / the top post it’s purpose and whether it will have story spoilers in it.
Then you can use markdown for the spoilers themselves.

You could still use the Discord voice rooms for the actual games, presuming you wanted to.



That is a possibility. I like the idea of being able to wipe the discord chat room so it is fresh for the next group. I think I will create a Discord server for experimentation and world domination gaining knowledge.



I’ve been playing around with a Discord server. Installed some bots. Kicked some bots. Created and deleted some rooms. Made roles. I’ve got a decent understanding of it. I think I can accomplish what I need to with it. Mostly just a voice server with the ability to keep some text chat private from non players to not spoil anything. I am seriously considering running Syrinscape with it as one game I played the DM used it and it really added to the ambiance of the encounters and exploration. So that will be the next test.



You can create roles so people cant see the history of the chat in a specific room, if you are looking for more conversational approach. Of course as soon as you close that channel it’s gone again.



That can be particularly annoying if someone @ you in the room and you don’t see it when you get into discord if you cant see the history



That is interesting. I can see some benefits to that but it is not quite the functionality I am looking for.

What I have done should work fine for now. I have a general text and voice channel that everyone has access to. I also have two duplicated but separate rooms. They each have a text channel and two voice channels. One of the voice channels is labeled private but isn’t a private channel. I made some roles for those rooms. Group-1 has access to the group-1 channels and group-2 has access to the group-2 channels. I made a GM role that has access to all of it with the permissions to move and mute users. I also made a GM chat room only they have access to and a NSFW room with an age gate because boobies are nice. I installed ub3r-bot for some of it’s functionality.

Currently only I have permissions to create invites to it and I haven’t invited any to it. It won’t be a GRG only discord as there are only a couple of members who seem interested in playing but can’t play currently. I will start advertising in the Fantasy Grounds College events calendar soon.