Shadow Tech cloud gaming


For those of you interested or curious to try out some new up and coming technology this is an interesting find. is a cloud gaming service where you pay monthly for use of a virtual gaming PC. Currently the PC specs are equivalent of around a $2000 PC and uses very little of your actual PC resources. This means for older hardware it will make it easier to play some top end games without the need to constantly upgrade parts. You can also play the same PC games on Iphones, Androids, Mac’s, and Ipads but of course you will need a controller with those devices. I have been running this setup for about 2 weeks now and its suprisingly very good. Conan on Ultra settings, Division 2 Beta ran beautifully, Anthem, and Atlas all ran great. So far the only negative is Hard Drive size at 265 GB. They will offer an upgrade plan soon for $5 to upgrade to 1TB but their internet is fast enough i downloaded Division 2 in 10 mins. All in all if you are looking to get into PC gaming but dont want to spend $2000 on a new computer this is def an option for $35/month no commitment. Give it a try if you are interested or you can ask me whatever you want and I’ll try to answer as best I can. Here is a referral code i think to get both of us $10 off a month if you try it