seeking regular fireteam

Hi all, I joined up a couple months ago and have been enjoying the game mostly solo up until now but I am starting to have issues with understanding stats/gear and finishing strikes above 750 req power.
so I am looking for a regular group to follow and hopefully learn from.

I am in the GMT -8 time zone.

Hey we have seen you on…we have group of regulars…just hop in the party chat with us…that said when i see you on next i will get you in the group so you know who we all are

I appreciate it, I should be online later today so I will hope to see ya then.

If you see me on I’m usually in a party with other clan members, feel free to join the party whenever

Hey man how you feeling today? I know we ran a bunch of IB last night, and got you running with a big part of the regular group, I’m sure i ram my mouth about a million things but i know i forgot to mention that the busiest time for group (most ppl on) like 6pm-12pm EST so like 3pm-9pm your time

I had a lot of fun in IB actually and it was good to meet some new people. I am doing alright, still on this side of the snow so I cant really complain.
I should be on this afternoon so I will look for you guys then.