Saturday Night Survival - The Division 11/26

Let rally up and try to survive the night in the Divisions new game mode, Survival! Hoping to get Xbox and PS4 rooms going. Let’s plan to rally up around 9:00 PM WST (EST for those non believers) on Saturday night. Make sure your copy of Division is updated to 1.5.

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Hell Yeah, count me in!!!

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IDK I may be out drinking and eating that night. It’s the Saturday before my birthday and I’m supposed to be in a euchre tourney. And , I have to work OT during the day.

Extra shift at the glory hole? @gunny is a tough boss.

I’m in.

I can use the the 8 hours of double time before christmas.

I’d get it again as the game is $18 new but I didn’t get the season pass

Played last night, pretty good experience. Very similar to what I was expecting. Find, craft, kill, scavenge, stay warm.

The gold edition was $45 on live so I got it. I’m in.

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Are we playing PvP or PvE Saturday night? I played a lil PvP last night. It was tense