Rust private server! (PC)

So with rust having been on sale recently, I figured a few other people probably picked it up as well or maybe have the gaming collecting dust in their steam libraries. They’ve changed it substantially since it first came out, it’s almost like a completely different game now. Just for the hell of it, I used this as an excuse to fool around with my own server, which is pretty much only going to be GRG and some of my stream regulars. I’m keeping it private for now, so if anyone gets ganked you can at least know who did it ha. If there’s enough interest and we establish ourselves I think it might be fun to open it to the public at some point. I’m having a lot of fun with it so far! If anyone wants to jump in, feel free at anytime.

Server category: modded
Server name: sharkbait
After you wake up in game, it will ask you to authenticate. If you wait too long it will auto-kick you. In the game chat type “/auth shark” for the password, and it should give you an auto-message saying you are authenticated. See you out there!

Side note: I’m still messing with mods and tweaking it some, so it’s currently only online when i’m playing usually. After I get it set to my liking I’ll try leaving it on for longer periods of time, or indefinitely.

I’ll be on tonight some.

should be online now

Don’t forget to use Discord to do voice chat.

so since our base is pretty much OP at this point, and that’s no fun for people coming in, I’m thinking about making an executive decision to wipe all server data and start new since everyone will be on the same page then. I also think it would be cool to get rival groups going instead of the boring work together utopia we had going on. Will update on my decision.

Server wiped clean, every one starts new, and server should be permanently on going forward (with the exception of maintenance). Below is a list of the plugins used with links to their pages where you can find the plugin specific commands.

This link is a Plugin directory for the rust “Sharkbait” server with links to specific plugin commands

I’m bored, there’s only like 7 of us. Server is going public, welcome to mayhem.

lol, i need to get in there and find me a spot to run my guerrilla operations from.

@OmniscientShark is the server still available?

Not at the moment. My computer took a giant crap on me and was dead for 2 months until I could replace the parts I needed. It’s up and running now, but I’m still working out kinks with occasional BSOD and graphics card issues. Hopefully once I get it stable I’ll bring it back online