Rum guzzling trash panda reporting for duty

Well. Maybe not guzzling, except maybe on the weekends. Anyway. 41 years young here. Looking to meet and talk trash with my fellow gamers. Survival games are a favorite, but I’ll play just about anything except RTS’. I hate that I am not a quick thinker. I like warzone when the try-hards and hackers are asleep which is almost never it seems. I am a sucker for Jackbox and other party games. I have 3 children aged 17, 16 and 5. Yes. the 5 year old was unexpected. Mainly a stay-at-home-dad but, I do some farm work mainly during summer and fall harvest. Born and raised in Dodge City, Kansas. Where there are few trees and the internet sucks. I hate country music! I do like Spaceambient and Trance tho. Anywho if there is something I missed or you just have to know feel free to ask. I am an open book.


Welcome to the community. You will see me on warzone but that game is a hot mess right now. So off an on.

Welcome to grg its good to have you, we love having fresh meat shields to take enemy rounds. Also interesting fact I live only a few hours from dodge city lol.

Welcome to GRG.

Most of my COD time is spent on Zombies, but Warzone can’t live without me forever, so occassionally I get sucked back in.

GT is beers and leafs on the XBone