Router Modem Combo


I am in need of a gaming cable modem/router. I am on Xfinity if that makes a difference. Would love to just get it off of Amazon.


I’m only a novice home networker, so some of these professionals probably have better ideas. But my first question would be what is the bandwidth you subscribe to?


150 something or another. Xbox and PlayStation will be hard wired. Streaming tv and tablets wirelessly.


If I should go separate modem and router, okay. I’m looking for something a caveman can use. Of course being able to control how much bandwidth my wife can watch Hallmark with would be awesome.


I like the Nighthawk series of Netgear routers. I have the AC3200, which is probably overkill for you, but the AC1900 would be a nice middle ground. Has QoS so you can prioritize traffic if necessary.

As for the modem, if you’re not planning on getting gigabit anytime soon, you can get away with any DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Surfboard is a good, solid choice. A DOCSIS 3.1 will support gigabit speeds and avoid any potential issues with future upgrades.

Here are a few options I would suggest:




Thanks. I just picked up a Nighthawk ac2600 and got to the car before I realized it wouldn’t work by itself.


oof. Yep, gotta have the modem. Netgear does have a few of those, but most combo units I’ve used are fucking garbage. I tested this one and absolutely hated it. It gave me great speeds, but there just isn’t a ton of flexibility and is only dual-band.


I assume I hook these together with an Ethernet cable?


Yep. There’s an outbound port on the modem and an inbound port on the router, usually yellow. All the others on the router are outbound for your hardwired devices